Time waits for no one

Moral Story: Time waits for no one

Mohan was in a hurry to get to school one day, and he pedaled his cycle quickly to make up for lost time. His frantic pace caused other people to panic as he recklessly crossed the road, but he eventually arrived near the school. Since he wasn't allowed to ride his bike on school grounds, he got off and began walking. Along the way, an old man sitting under a tree caught his attention, and the man asked Mohan for food. However, Mohan didn't have any food with him, and he felt bad about it. Despite being late for school, Mohan decided to listen to the old man's request.

When he finally arrived at school, Mohan's teacher noticed that he looked upset and asked him what was wrong. Mohan shared his encounter with the old man, and his teacher gave him an apple to take to the old man. However, Mohan didn't find the old man under the tree and decided to eat the apple on the way home. The next day, Mohan saw the old man again and was once again asked for food. He remembered the apple and felt guilty for not giving it to the old man the day before. He confessed his mistake to his teacher, who gave him an orange to take to the old man.

However, when Mohan returned to the tree, he found the old man had passed away. Mohan was devastated and blamed himself for not helping the old man when he had the chance. His teacher comforted him and reminded him that time waits for no one, and it's important to help others immediately and not wait for a specific time. 

Moral of the story is that we should help others promptly without delay.

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