Google confirms AI Chat in its search

The competition to advance in the field of AI is becoming more intense as major technology companies continue to innovate at a rapid pace. 

Google appears to be leading the pack, with CEO Sundar Pichai stating in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that the recent developments in conversational AI will significantly enhance the Google search engine. Pichai's comments are especially noteworthy as other companies like Meta and Microsoft are also working to integrate AI technologies into their products and services. 

Pichai also stated that people will be able to ask questions and interact with large language models (LLMs) within the context of Google search. Despite being known for developing LLMs that can process natural language, Google has yet to integrate this technology into its search engine, which generates more than half of the company's revenue. 

While Google had hinted at plans to integrate AI into its search engines earlier this year, there is no clear timeline for implementation. In March, Google unveiled Bard, a competitor to OpenAI's ChatGPT. However, Microsoft recently integrated ChatGPT into its Bing search engine, giving them an advantage over Google's more traditional search approach. 

Google is also facing pressure from investors to reduce costs, which led the company to announce plans to lay off approximately 12,000 employees, which represent about 6% of its workforce.

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