Five day teacher training program on “Product Design and Prototype Development” started in ECB

It is necessary to focus on making the waste material useful, the need of the hour to learn 'best out of waste': Prof. Students , 200 teachers of the country will get training from the program

The Vice Chancellor of Bikaner Technical University, Prof. The main hospitality of Ambareesh Sharan Vidyarthi started. Pro. The student stressed on the need to emphasize on sustainability, relevance of the product and utilization of waste material in product design . Program coordinator Dr. Rahul Raj Choudhary , while introducing the subject matter of the workshop , said that online training is being imparted to about two hundred teachers across the country in this program. These participants will be given online training letters by AICTE Delhi on qualifying the examination to be held at the end of the programme.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Ambareesh Sharan Vidyarthi and Prof. Rajendra Kumar Karva emphasized the need to focus the product design on the needs of the common man and design and manufacture of value-oriented products. According to Pro Curva the product must be reliable as well as eco-friendly. Principal Dr. J.P. According to Bhamu, the instrumentation department of ECB praised the remarkable work in product development and innovation and the training programs in this area to the students and suggested them to continue further, describing it as student and socially useful. The Registrar of the Institute, Dr. Manoj Kudi, while describing the innovation and product development as a national need, it will benefit the small and medium scale industries immensely.

In the first session of the first day, MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur, former Head of Department and eminent expert of Machine Design and Thermal Engineering Prof. Rajendra Kumar Karva emphasized the need for sensitive decisions and optimization before starting the design process with the initial knowledge of product design and development.

In the second session, Prof. AK of IIT Roorkee. Sharma discussed in detail about the consumer based product process with information on various stages of product development. Information about the process required at various stages of product manufacturing. In the final session of the first day, Prof Harlal Singh Mali Design from MNIT emphasized on a different approach to product design, thinking sensitively according to the consumer's mindset. On the strength of this new concept design thinking, the great doctor of Jaipur, PK. Sethi gave his lecture on the importance of design thinking in product development, explaining the example of development of Jaipur Foot.
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